So after a few months of being assured my query was forwarded ‘to the relevant department’ for a reply, I set up a Twitter account because I was led to believe Tweeting is the fastest way to get a response. And it worked!

“Thanks for getting in touch, apologies on the slow response. Tesco own brand products are not tested on animals by Tesco or by our suppliers on our behalf.  Our animal welfare policy applies to all our own-brand products. It covers animal testing, farmed animals used in food or non-food products and the sale of pets, other live animals and pet accessories. We do not carry out, commission or fund testing on animals for consumer products. Where animal testing is required by law e.g. for new medicines, we require suppliers to minimise reliance on animal trials and adopt the highest ethical and welfare standards.”

I also found this on the Tesco PLC website under their Animal Welfare Policy;


“For ingredients in our own-brand cosmetic or household products, we set a fixed cut-off date of 31 December 2007 and do not sell any such products made with ingredients tested on animals after this date. We have robust systems in place to ensure that these cut-off dates have been met by all our own brand suppliers.”

So Tesco own brand products are Cruelty Free! Their products are even marked with a “Not tested on animals” which I love. Not only do statements like this and Leaping Bunny symbols on products help shoppers, but it also sparks interests in shoppers who may be unaware that animal testing is still a ‘thing of the present’!

I mentioned in a previous blog about animal testing for medicine, and while it is a very different topic to animals being used for the sake of cosmetics, it is something which we hope will be eliminated in the future. It is impossible to ask the doctor to prescribe you Cruelty Free medicine, but alternative testing methods are being produced.

Because Tesco have their own range of medicinal products, which are tested on animals, I believe this is why they aren’t on any Cruelty Free lists. Here are a few of the alternative methods which are coming onto the market:

  • In Vitro is the method of testing products samples of human cells and tissue in test tubes.
  • Computerised models and stimulations
  • MRIs and CT scans (non invasive)
  • Computerised patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials
  • Stem cell and genetics testing methods
  • Microdosing (giving the drug to patients in a low dose which will affect the body on a cellular level as opposed to the whole body)

Of course it isn’t good that we still use animals for testing medicine, but like I mentioned above, life and death situations are distinctly different to that of cosmetics. But we definitely want to see more companies using these alternative methods.

There are a lot of reasons why these alternatives are more successful than animal tests. If you are interested on learning more about these alternatives, have a look at the link below! Makes for an interesting rainy day read!




Some Awesome Influencers And Why We Need Them

This week I was heartbroken to see that the fabulous Rozanna Purcell is now an ambassador for a Rimmel London tanning product. Learning this hurt most because I really fell head over heels for her own body scrub, which I featured on my Instagram a few weeks back, called “Ripe By Roz”. I wrote to the company at the time to be certain it is Cruelty Free, and I was assured it was! Since seeing Roz’s Instagram post about the Rimmel tan, I can’t even look at my Ripe By Roz scrub the same way again.

Why be so certain your own product isn’t tested on animals because you ‘love animals!’ but instead encourage your avid readers to purchase a product from a company that is a huge success in Mainland China?

On the other hand, I learned that another celeb I’m a huge fan of (and have been for years, ever since the Netflix series ‘Derek’ – seriously, watch it if you haven’t yet!) who is a huge advocate for the rights of animals. Ricky Gervais.

“I’m delighted to support the launch of Cruelty Free International – the exciting global company to end the use of animals in product testing. Using animals to test cosmetics is still allowed in most of the world, which means that thousands of animals can continue to die for the sake of a new shampoo. Which is ridiculous. We urgently need a worldwide ban on this and unnecessary suffering. Cruelty Free International will place the use of animals in testing on the agenda of many governments for the very first time. Its time to close the door on animal testing for good.” Ricky Gervais, 2017.

Some of the other fabulous celebrities involved in Cruelty Free International are; Peter Dinklage, Paul McCartney, Mayim Blalik, Norman Reedus, Joss Stone, Joanna Lumley, Paul O’Grady, Greg Rutherford, Jilly Cooper and Dr Brian May.

Having strong influencers on board such a vital campaign is fabulous. These people already have a major platform on which to use their voice. They have fans and followers who will listen. Who will spread the word.

Which is why I was devastated to see Rozanna Purcell embracing Rimmel. She has over 221,000 followers – which is why it is so important for influencers to remember what effect their actions and posts on social media can have on followers.

“Dear intelligent people of the world; don’t get shampoo in your eyes. It stings. There. Done. Now f*cking stop torturing animals” Ricky Gervais.

Paul McCartney has been a huge advocate for the rights of animals for most of his life. He has been vegetarian for a long time, and has been encouraging people to have a ‘Meat Free Monday’, to improve the health of the public and to reduce the suffering of animals. 1993’s song ‘Looking For Changes’ explores the fight for the rights of animals, unapologetically; “I tell you that we’ll all be looking for changes, changes in the way we treat our fellow creatures.” Paul had a huge part to play in the EU ban on animal testing. In 2012, he lent his support to Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty Free campaign. Paul summed up why he chose to help in this campaign; “The ugly truth about testing beauty products on animals is that it causes them unimaginable pain and suffering. If every cosmetic tested on rabbits or mice had a photo on the packaging showing these animals with weeping swollen eyes and inflamed skin, I believe everyone would leave cruelty on the shelf and go for the cruelty-free option instead.”

I remember watching the Paul O’Grady Show after school when I was younger. He always had his dog, Buster, with him. Since the ending of his show, he has demonstrated his deep passion for animals in so many ways. His award winning show ‘For The Love Of Dogs’ stole the hearts of the nation, followed by ‘Animal Orphans’. He has also become an ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and a patron of Orangutan Appeal UK. Since then, Paul, along with Ricky, Harry Hill, Sue Perkins and Tracey Ullman, have called for longer jail time for people accused of animal abuse and neglect. This is something we need to work on in Ireland too, our laws are far too lenient.

Last year The Body Shop joined forces with Cruelty Free International to compose the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. Their aim is to call on the United Nations to introduce an international convention to end the practice. Any time you are in the Body Shop, please sign the petition! (While you’re there, try the British Rose products – my fav at the moment!) You can also use the hashtag #foreveragainstanimaltesting to show your support online!

We need campaigns. We need governments to listen. We can speak with our Euros. If you do your best to make the right choices when you shop or sign petitions, or even just spread awareness, you are making such a huge difference!