Tan Tan Tan!

Summer is nearly here – and so many of us are excited to have the glow to match it.

But what can we use that is Cruelty Free and which ones are Vegan?

Bondi Sands – This Australian favourite is CF and is applying to be CF certified!

B.Tan – “Well you’ve come to the right place. simply no gimmicks, no added nasties, no animal testing and definitely no bullsh*t.”

Fake Bake – “Our product has no animal testing, first because our company members feel very conscientious about that and second, because we are not dealing with harmful ingredients that would require extensive testing. We feel we have the most natural based product to promote healthy skin.”

Isle Of Paradise – Vegan, CF & Organic –  http://www.isleofparadise.co.uk/about/ingredients/

James Read – “All products manufactured by James Read Tan whether in house brands or for third party contract manufacture have never been tested on animals. James Read Tan has never conducted animal testing and has never commissioned any outside organisation to do it on our behalf. We also purchase raw materials entitled to be sold in European Market, not known to be tested on animals as per the European Commission.”

Lavera – Certain Lavera products are Vegan – Check out the tan here: https://www.truenatural.com/blog/which-lavera-products-are-certified-vegan/

Model Co – “ModelCo is proudly cruelty-free and a PETA certified cosmetics company.
What this means, is that ModelCo do not test on animals at any point of a products creation. From supplier, producer, manufacturer or independent party all the way through to the shelves and into consumer’s hands, there are no furry friends involved.”

No.7 – Boots own brand

Sienna X  – “We can confirm that none of our products are tested on animals, meaning you can confidently pass on this message to all your tan and wax clients.”

Skinny Tan  – Vegan

Soap & Glory – Glow Getter – Boots Own Brand

Soltan – Boots own brand

St Moriz – Not sold in Mainland China

St Tropez – ST.TROPEZ is against animal testing and none of our products have been testing on animals.”

Tan Organics – the first and only tan I’ve used myself. I liked it, but it can be hard to put it on evenly as its an oil. However, it really did help to even out my sunburn/farmers tan that I got climbing Carrauntoohil! Needless to say, it is organic too.

Triology – Available at the Health Food Store – https://www.trilogyproducts.com/uk/our-commitment/ethics

Vita Liberata – Vegan and CF (Vegan except for one product that contains beeswax) https://www.vitaliberata.co.uk/blog/is-vita-liberata-cruelty-free/





Cruelty Free Scents

Perfume is a very personal thing, we all know what fragrances we like and which we don’t like. If you’re like me, you’re a creature of habit and go for the same ones all the time!

This has been one of the hardest to research, however. When you Google Cruelty Free perfumes, you get minimal results. And most of these brands aren’t available in Ireland.

Some websites do offer vegan and CF choices and ship them to Ireland, but unless you know what it smells like, you’re not very likely to risk this!

http://www.eccobella.com is one example of this, and I’m tempted to drop a few hints for a present…

The list of brands that test is, unfortunately, very long. It includes major brands such as:

  • Burberry
  • Chanel
  • Chloé (I’m heartbroken!)
  • Clinique
  • Dior
  • Ghost
  • Jo Malone
  • Lancome
  • L’Occitane
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Michael Kors
  • Tom Ford
  • Victoria’s Secrets

The list goes on. To be honest, a lot of the perfumes I have were gifts I received over the last few years, and vast majority of them are on the bad list. But there is some hope. The following are CF, and are looooovely;

  • The Body Shop (Body sprays and perfumes available)
  • Eden (Vegan)
  • Fenti (Rhianna)
  • H&M
  • Kat Von D (My new personal favorite) (Vegan)
  • Liz Earle
  • Lush
  • Penhalogons (Sells in Hong Kong, not Mainland China)

I know a few of my readers who are in the US regularly were asking about Bath & Body Works. They state on the products that the products aren’t tested on animals, however, the brand isn’t classed as CF. This is because they can’t confirm whether their suppliers test on animals under law, but B&BW themselves don’t test ingredients or finished products. This is quite misleading and I have fallen for it myself over the years, but I am now avoiding the brand (hard as that is!).

There are a few more brands out there that are CF but don’t seem to be available in Ireland, but if you come across any please let me know and I can ad them to the list!